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All activities of Nursing Directorate are carried out by Four Distinct Functional Wings. They are:

  1. Nursing Council
  2. Nursing Board
  3. Nursing Management Support Unit (NMSU)
  4. Nursing Establishment and Administration

  1. Activities of Nursing Council (Odisha Nurses and Midwives Council):
    1. Inspection (initially every year for three consecutive years for all new institutions and then periodic visits)
    2. Recommendation to Govt. on submission of NOC.
    3. Registration of passing out Nursing Cadre and database maintenance.
    4. Recognition, Nonrecognition, Punitive action.
  2. Activities of Nursing Board (Odisha Nurses and Midwives Examination Board):
    1. Examination Announcements
    2. Setting questions for ANM/GNM, Conduction of Examination
    3. Valuation, Re – evaluation of papers
    4. Publication of results
    5. Issuing certificates
    6. Any other functions related to examination
  3. Activities of Nursing Management Support Unit (NMSU):
    1. Provide Techno – managerial Support to the Directorate on Nursing Education
    2. Write and submit proposals on Nursing
    3. Coordinate and manage activities related to various wings of Nursing
    4. Monitor, write quarterly performances reports
    5. Support the Council in the matters of inspection and accreditation
    6. Support the other wings on the matters related to their respective wings
    7. Ensure timely and efficient Project management of both public and PPP projects
    8. Work towards transfer of skills and understanding to the different wings with the project period.
  4. Activities of Nursing Establishment and Administration:
    1. Addressing grievances of Nursing Cadre
    2. Salary, TA, DA, Transfer
    3. Other Administrative functions of Nursing Cadre

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